26Pastor Todd Tennant

"The greatest discovery in my life was to realize that God loved me so much that He was willing to let His only son, Jesus, die for my sinful soul. So I accepted God's love and put my faith in Jesus to rescue me from the awful penalty of sin. Now I live a life surrendered to God's purpose and plan. I want to tell you of the great love that God has for you. Jesus died and rose victorious over death to break the chains of sin and death for whoever would believe. Nobody's perfect, all of us have sinned against God but He loves us anyway and offers us forgiveness; and with that forgiveness - joy, peace, hope, and strength for every day. I pray that you will discover and accept God's love and forgiveness and that you too live life surrendered to God's will. Come and see us at Yorkshire. Learn more of God's love and will for your life." - Pastor Todd

27Pastor Emeritus Lonnie Salyers

The Yorkshire Church has been blessed to have Pastor Salyers serving at the church for more than 30 years. Though now retired, we hold him in the highest regard and honor him for his years of faithful service to God. He and his wife Chloe remain vital, active members of the church; offering valued counsel and support to the ministry of Yorkshire Church. Pastor Salyers has been an encouragement to so many, exhorting all "Do you know, Do you Know, Do you Know? that your saved." We thank God for his Godly influence and leadership.